Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lights! Camera! Action Research!

Lights: As I was readinbg my text, my highlighter pen went crazy! The whole chapter is important and my text nearly contained a rainbow of colors. I am beginning to see, the lightbulb is blinking, the beacon is shining, and I am seeing what I am as a professional.

Camera: While highlighting/reading, images of what I expect from myself as leader flashed through my brain. The responsipbility a leader carries are multitudes. We represent a district, a campus, students, and teachers. We set the mood for our school. We decide the standards and goals, never settling for second best. We are like potters--we mold our school and teachers with our attitudes, our beliefs, striving for what is best for the students. We are strategic planners.

Action Research: I am excioted about my action research project, but a little overwhelmed. I have few topics of interest, such as discipline and TPRI scores. You know, we as teachers, like to think than we are great problem solvers, but I am learning otherwise. This project will force me to think more critically, more concise, and more broad. I am going outside of just one classroom, but people, just think of the journey and the end result! Our accomplishments will be rewarded!!!


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Action Research/Inquiry

Hello Future Leaders!

When I first delve into the text concerning action research I was somewhat hesitant. I mean, "What is the difference? Research is research!" I was wrong. Traditionally a principal, in my perspective, was simply a liaison from expert research to the teacher. Teachers were led by others and therefore told how to run the classroom. Let's face it--twenty years ago self reflection was null and void. teachers used the same methods for all students with the hopes that the student "got it."

Action research allows the principal and the teacher to react and self reflect in all facets of education! The leader/teacher has ownership of their plan and how to carry out the plan by using the strategies founded or created. We want our students to become critical thinkers and risk takers; therefore, all teachers should apply that same concepts to themselves. Action research advocates this process.

Blogging is great, but yet informal way, for communication to parents, teachers, or administrators. I would use my blog as community forum. This enables the people inour community, who support my district, to learn about the current events in our schools. Its great way for parents or all stakeholders to provide me with suggestions or options about their child's academic progress.