Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lights! Camera! Action Research!

Lights: As I was readinbg my text, my highlighter pen went crazy! The whole chapter is important and my text nearly contained a rainbow of colors. I am beginning to see, the lightbulb is blinking, the beacon is shining, and I am seeing what I am as a professional.

Camera: While highlighting/reading, images of what I expect from myself as leader flashed through my brain. The responsipbility a leader carries are multitudes. We represent a district, a campus, students, and teachers. We set the mood for our school. We decide the standards and goals, never settling for second best. We are like potters--we mold our school and teachers with our attitudes, our beliefs, striving for what is best for the students. We are strategic planners.

Action Research: I am excioted about my action research project, but a little overwhelmed. I have few topics of interest, such as discipline and TPRI scores. You know, we as teachers, like to think than we are great problem solvers, but I am learning otherwise. This project will force me to think more critically, more concise, and more broad. I am going outside of just one classroom, but people, just think of the journey and the end result! Our accomplishments will be rewarded!!!


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  1. Nice post! Thank you for such great insight. You are so right when you mention that educators want to solve the world's problems, and I agree with you wholeheartedly this research project has most definitely put things into perspective. Much luck with your project!